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Restaurant:  Vive Bistro and Bakery, 130 East Avenue, Rochester, NY  (585)481-2021

Chef: Mark DeMara

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Summertime is on the horizon, which means outdoor dining and summer flavors surfacing on new menus. Vive Bistro and Bakery unleashed their new seasonal menu June 1 featuring gorgeous dishes that are both pleasing to the eyes and to the palate. Vive will “feed your passion” with their take on artisanal French cuisine where vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains take the center stage.  Owner Pamela Hathaway and Executive Chef Mark DeMara also work with local farmers and producers to bring diners the freshest ingredients.


The Yuzu & Melon is one of the featured dishes, crafted to represent the falling raindrop from a leaf.  What is Yuzu?  It is a Japanese citrus fruit that can enhance and build a flavor within a dish.  The result is a light dish that is citrusy, crisp, and fresh.  It is the perfect representation of summer.  Watercress laces the top of the dish, with perfectly crisp and sweet candied pine nuts delicately placed throughout.  Grilled pineapple adds a pop of color throughout the dish.  When the pineapple is grilled the sugars caramelize the sweet fruit and the flavor is intensified.  One bite and it’s as if the heavens have opened.  It’s the “ahhhh” moment.  


This dish is light and intended as an appetizer, rather than a main course.  The great news is that it will pair perfectly with many of the new menu items.  If you are looking for a heartier pairing, then the poutine is a must featuring fresh cut fries with smoked mozzarella vegan cheese in a rich mushroom gravy.  The poutine is undeniably the best poutine I have ever had.  If you are looking for a lighter pairing, then the Forager, containing warm and cold mushrooms, pickled ramps, blood orange, English peas, swish chard, and crispy salsify is a perfect dish to complete your meal.


Executive Chef Mark has an undeniable passion for crafting the beautiful presentations that feature both simplistic and complex flavors that can be seen in the new menu. Live easy; enjoy the new menu at Vive Bistro and Bakery while sipping on a tasty in-house drink special thinking about summertime.


-Sip and Savour Rochester blogger Stephanie Hanna, A-List Contributor


To learn more about Vive Bistro and Bakery visit the Sip and Savour Rochester blog for the June posting.



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