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M/Body ♥ 1048 University Avenue, Rochester, NY,  (585) 434-2608


Working out is one of the best things you can do for yourself that not only affects you in a physical aspect, but also affects your mental state.  Where you workout is an important choice. A place where you feel comfortable, motivated and inspired is essential.  M/Body Rochester, has established a loyal following for good reason.  The Studio located at 1048 University Avenue, offers classes daily within the realm of cycle, boxing, yoga & barre. Their talented and versatile instructors are housed in a beautiful large facility that will make you love working out even more. With natural lighting, large windows with outdoor views, cool outdoor breezes, & relaxing oil diffuser scents, this place will have you never wanting to leave.


M/Body Fitness Studio has an exceptional staff of instructors and a welcoming vibe that makes you feel like family.  Molly Flaherty, Owner of M/Body, hand-picked a tribe of talented fitness experts who truly embrace life themselves which transfers and radiates to every person who walks in their doors. M/Body is a lifestyle – shaping you for the better in more ways than one. M/Body invites you to come as you are!


Classes offered include Friday Funk, Cycle, Barre, Boxing, Yoga, and Fusion classes. Barre is one of the most popular classes offered; it combines pilates, body weight and strength conditioning with some yoga and ballet moves to give you elongated, sculpted, lean muscles – so who wouldn’t love that!  M/Body combines exercise with a knowledge of nutrition, and many exciting events such as barre-to-brunches that are held once a month. Classes are available for everyone, whether you are an elite athlete or brand new to the fitness world.


The gorgeous space is shared with local business Just Juice 4 Life, so you can grab your favorite freshly pressed juice as you begin your day.


Experience M/Body for yourself.

Save a spot in class!

For those of you who are familiar with M/Bundles, they are offering a 10/hr bundle for the price of a 5/hr bundle just for A-Listers available for purchase for one week only, Aug. 6-13, 2016!  Hours can be used through Dec. 2016. This means that you are receiving DOUBLE the class time for only half the price! And let me tell you this deal is worth it. Especially for those of you that are not every-day gym goers. We feel you. That is why this deal is so great. I might as well stop typing now seeing as you have run from your chair right to M/Body to purchase this killer deal. But for those of you who are still reading, you can easily sign up right online, right now, from your cozy chair!  Visit mbodyrochester.com today and purchase this amazing deal with promo code ROCAList.   You are awesome & you are welcome. See you there!


Join us when the A-List Fitness Crawl visits M/Body on August 5th.


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