• 5+ Desserts In Rochester to Make You Swoon
    By Allison Zimmer and Amy Riposo Whether you eat dessert first, save room for dessert or make a special trip just for dessert, these unique treats are a gastronomical treasure.   The Rochester A-List team spent the winter unearthing Rochester’s best desserts, a mission that will undoubtedly have us on the hunt this spring for
  • Therapeutic Vacuum Cupping Is The Buzzy New Beauty Treatment
    Our A-List Beauty Editors (all of our editors want these assignments) love to spa and try new spa and beauty services. Amy Riposo went to AE Spa in Brighton to see what the hype is about vacuum therapy.   AE Spa ♥ 1855 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY (585) 461-4310   I Tried the Non Surgical Butt