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Restaurant: Breathe Yoga,  5 Locations (Pittsford, Rochester, Greece, Webster, and College Town). Visit the website for location details and phone numbers.

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Imagine you are looking for a new dish to try that incorporates fresh and whole ingredients, that is prepared from scratch in a simple way, and is not only good for you, but makes you feel even better after consuming it. Well look no further, the Acai Bowl from breathe yoga has come to your rescue!  Cyndi Weis, owner of breathe yoga and creator of this dish believes in using whole real foods to help us make good choices and keep our bodies in balance.


The Acai Bowl is comprised of 4 delicious ingredients: Acai (ah-sah-EE) blended with your choice of milk (Soy, Almond, or Hemp) topped with the breathe Housemade Granola, and sliced bananas.  The Acai berries are sourced from Sambazon, straight from the Palmberry Trees in the Amazon and are known for their powerful antioxidants. These berries are blended with your choice of milk (Soy, Almond or Hemp); it’s up to your preference which one, but I enjoy mine with Almond milk because I enjoy the nutty flavor it brings.


One of my favorite parts of the bowl and truly the secret ingredient of this dish is the housemade granola. This was actually a recipe passed down from Cyndi’s mom, who was a pioneer in healthy eating. Don’t you love this dish even more now? All of this crunchy granola goodness is topped with fresh sliced bananas to round it out. You can customize this bowl to your liking with not only which milk you prefer, but their other optional add-ons as well. For a little extra you can add the Cacao Nibs, which have a chocolatey taste and are rich in fiber and magnesium. Add on seasonal berries for some more flavor. Pomegranate berries are in season right now. I personally love adding the Cacao Nibs and Pomegranate seeds; makes me feel like I’m indulging but in a good way! This dish is special not only because of the ingredients, but the love Cyndi and her staff pour into making this dish and everything else they execute. I now have a new go-to dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Sir Rocha Says blogger Linh Phillips, A-List Contributor


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