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Chef: Nick Mourgides


Olives Greek Taverna – Watermelon Gazpacho

50 State Street, Shoen Place, Pittsford, NY

Website  (585) 381-3990


Tucked in on Shoen Place along the canal in Pittsford, is one of Rochester’s best spots for authentic and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.  Olives Greek Taverna dishes can transport you to the Mediterranean with the flavors of Greece without leaving town.

Traditionally Gazpacho is a summer hot-weather soup, which makes sense. It’s served cold.  You may think it odd to recommend a cold soup in the fall, but this delicious soup is a customer favorite and it remains on the menu through October or when it gets cold due to customer requests long after summer ends, so you are in luck. There’s still plenty of time to go try a cup or a bowl.
I’ve had a love affair with Gazpacho since I first tried it on Martha’s Vineyard at Louis’ Cafe, sadly no longer there.  Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for any versions that compare and have even perfected my own recipe. In short, I am a Gazpacho snob.  
Olives version is a unique twist to the traditional made with the addition of watermelon.  Chef Nick’s inspiration was a popular greek watermelon salad.  Fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and onion are hand chopped, then combined with a puree of watermelon, fresh mint, champagne vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. The result is delicious served with a sprinkle of feta on top.  Hurry and get yourself some of the best Gazpacho I’ve ever had right here in Rochester, NY.  It’s available for both lunch and dinner (but you’ll have to ask for it. It’s not listed on the menu).
– Amy Riposo, A-List Editor

Chef: Joseph Zolnierowski

Nosh – Specked Scallops 
47 Russell Street, Rochester, NY
Nosh, open only since the start of summer, has gained recognition for their diverse flavor profiles, their take on comfort and classic recipes and beautifully presented dishes and cocktails.  The impressive interior has a NYC vibe with high ceilings, impressive woodwork and an electrifying chandelier hanging above the large 3-sided bar.
When the Specked Scallops are delivered to your table, the first thing you are likely to do is grab your camera to take a picture of this beautiful dish.  This is a dish you want to post and share out to others on social media, bragging about what you are about to eat.  The risotto is made with an asparagus puree that keeps it light and fresh tasting.  Jumbo scallops are carefully placed atop the risotto and 2 crispy pieces of smoked prosciutto call out for your attention in the center of the plate.  A brown butter is then drizzled over the top adding a nuttiness to the dish.  Don’t forget about the charred half lemon that you should squeeze over the top of your dish prior to taking your first bite.  Chef Joe Zolnierowski explains that you should get a bite of everything in one spoonful. The food is meant to be “interactive and fun.”  Each ingredient is important and balances the flavor profile of the dish.
Sip and Savour Rochester blogger Stephanie Hanna, A-List Contributor
In the next few days, Sip and Savour Rochester will be sharing a cooking demo on their Facebook Page making this dish with Chef Joe!  The “Why Nosh” cocktail will also be featured so that you can make this enticing dish and cocktail at home!  Read Sip and Savour Rochester’s blog post featuring Nosh (stay tuned if its not live yet).

Chef: Mike Pavone

Southpoint Restaurant & Bar – Tempura Fish Tacos
1400 Empire Blvd., Rochester, NY

With its breathtaking view of Irondequoit Bay, the newly christened Southpoint Restaurant has been drawing some heavy foot traffic. Their ‘chef inspired’ menu is a take on New American with dishes that cater to a waterside eatery. One of these menu items is the must have fish tacos. They start with a hefty piece of tempura mahi mahi that takes up most of the tortilla real estate. Then it is the sauces that make the flavors pop with a delicious citrus aioli and napa slaw. It is on the menu as a starter item, but it comes with two tacos that are quite filling.  Other items to try are the lentils, oxtail pierogi and pizzas that are crafted with a house made dough.  Make sure to get a seat near the windows to take in the view!


Southpoint’s restaurant was designed so almost every table has a look over Irondequoit Bay – but we still recommend getting a seat right next to the windows. The restaurant is right on top of the Southpoint Marina pool club. You have to be a member to get in this pool oasis – but with an enormous bar that is feet away from the pool, you may want to get in the mix.


Seize the Weekday, A-List Contributor


image1 (1)

Chef: Billy Burkle

Edibles Restaurant & Bar – Pierogis
704 University Ave., Rochester, NY

With Three Heads Brewing and Nosh recently planting their roots in NOTA, the area has become a blossoming spot for foodies. But it is Edibles Restaurant that has taken residence in this neighborhood for years – and it is still going strong. One of the reasons is their absolutely amazing pierogi dish. These potato and onion filled delights are pan seared and then drizzled with sour cream. A healthy amount of caramelized onions are then layered over top that really puts the flavor on another level. For an appetizer, make sure to go with their truffle tots and look over their cocktail menu, where we recommend the ‘gummy bear.’ Also, if the weather is cooperating, the outdoor seating at Edibles is the perfect setting with just enough tree shading.


Edibles also plays host to some excellent weekday deals. Monday is BYOB with no corkage fee, Tuesday is half priced appetizers at the bar and Thursday is 2 for 1 cocktails. Furthermore, they have one of the best happy hours in town from 5-7pm with $6 wine, $6 cocktails and $3 beers.


Seize the Weekday, A-List Contributor

Seize the Weekday is a great (local) website to keep you in the know about Rochester area weekday deals. Check them out!


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