Bulgogi Sandwich


Restaurant:  McCann’s Local Meats, 739 South Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY  (585) 328-6328

Owners: Kevin and Yeonmo McCann
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In its simplicity, the creation of the sandwich has to be one of the most ingenious designs. It is the cornerstone of a modern meal, with many options to fill between two perfect slices of bread. The Bulgogi Sandwich at McCann’s Local Meats is at the top of the list of the best sandwiches around.  Owner and craft butcher, Kevin McCann serves up a deliciously heaven-sent Bulgogi Sandwich, as the weekly Tuesday special. Truth be told, you can order this sandwich every day of the week, so don’t be shy and ask if you don’t see it on the menu.  The recipe is treasured and closely kept by wife, and culinary expert, Yeonmo.


Bulgogi is a Korean BBQ dish, that consists of shaved steak, marinated in a blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, scallion, and garlic. McCann’s version of the Bulgogi Sandwich is served on a perfectly toasted bun, sourced locally from Baker Street Bakery, on Park Ave. The sandwich is topped with shredded romaine, provolone, and a rice vinegar slaw. The tender juicy bites of the shaved steak topped with the juices running from the tangy slaw are the perfect combination. Plan on feasting with several napkins at your side and do not be afraid to mop up the juices with your last few bites…a true sign of an alluring sandwich. This is not just a sandwich, it is an experience.


Couple the perfect sandwich, with a business partnership with local, sustainable farms, and you have yourself a dream food location. Kevin and Yeonmo incorporate their culinary background, knowledge of craft butchery, and utilization of all cuts of meat to bring an enticing food experience to the foreground, here in Rochester. The open kitchen concept shows that there is nothing to hide. Kevin encourages customers to come and look at their techniques and ask questions, creating a close connection to the average customer. Daily specials include mouth watering dishes that will showcase different cuts of meat at their best. Kevin and Yeonmo continue to deliver and draw customers from all over Rochester.


Sip and Savour Rochester blogger Stephanie Hanna, A-List Contributor

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