Butternut Squash Confit Crostini


Restaurant:  Orbs Restaurant758 South Ave., Rochester, NY  (585) 471-8569

Chef: Steven Lara

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The South Wedge has welcomed a new addition in their neighborhood by the name of Orbs Restaurant.  As you walk in, you will notice the Orb Chandelier hanging that has been repurposed from wine barrel rings. Up the stairs, you will notice the series of meat grinders displayed as wall art next to the bar. Then you sit down and notice the appetizers all have the words ‘balls’ in them. The inspiration behind the name Orbs has now made sense and you realize that Owner Bob Caranddo is a genius.


Most notably known for their stake in the Italian meatball scene, this restaurant offers a multitude of savory offerings that will appeal to all types of meatball lovers. While the meatballs are definitely a must-try, the Daily Features Menu is really what sets this restaurant apart.


Each day, Chef Steven Lara takes an innovative approach to his food by creating a rotating menu that features specials based on local and seasonal ingredients. The Crostini of the Day is the perfect introduction to your first meal at Orbs. This dish is made to share and follows the Orbs philosophy of gathering around the table with family and friends over good food. The day that I ventured in, Chef Steven prepared house made crostini toasts to dip into a creamy and flavorful butternut squash confit with hints of sage, bits of Berkshire bacon, and topped with fresh pea tendrils with a poached egg nestled on top. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? It is. The combination of these ingredients works in harmony and is reminiscent of the fall season. Every time you come in you will find a new and exciting take on the Crostini dish. One thing remains constant though, your taste buds will always be delighted.


Linh Phillips, A-List Contributor



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