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Label 7 ♥ 50 State Street, Pittsford, NY (585) 267-7500
Chef: Anton Guzman

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Ah, yes…the age-old question: Which came first, the chicken or the…waffle? Still a “new kid on the block” to the Rochester food scene, this unique, unlikely duo has been fearlessly embraced by a handful of local restaurants as of late, and stomachs across the city are celebrating with joy. Label 7, the Napa-inspired eatery that has taken the Town of Pittsford by storm, is proud to top the taste-bud charts with their distinct take on this coveted dish. For food fare this delectable, the high level of tender lovin’ care that goes on behind closed doors is no surprise.


Chef Anton Guzman starts by marinating the boneless chicken breast in a savory buttermilk spice rub. After soaking in the flavor, each piece is delicately breaded with seasoned flour and fried up to reveal a flaky armor of crisp, golden perfection. Side note: each chicken breast used for this feast is free range, antibiotic free, and hormone free – an added bonus that leaves guests with peace of mind knowing that they are literally “good eatin’.” The light, airy Belgian-style waffles that are born fresh every day are plated with an ideal blended bite of fluff and just-noticeable-enough crunch. Label 7 constructs the completed dish by piling two hot-off-the-press pieces of chicken on top of the waffle pillow, sprinkling the tower with a dusting of powdered sugar, lathering it up with a lemon herb compound butter, and serving it with a side of hot maple syrup made local from Merle Maple Farm in Attica, NY.


All flavors combined in one forkful create a harmonious melody on the tongue that only happens once in a blue moon. A sweet, savory chew that ignites the palate and cues the salivary glands. Some may consider it breakfast, some may consider it dinner, but at Label 7, it’s just considered the best of both worlds. Bon appétit!


-Meredith Opitz, A-List Contributor
Instagram: @rocyourbelly



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