Country Fried Quail


Restaurant: The Revelry, 1290 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607  (585) 340-6454
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Chef: Derrick DePorter


Honest American cuisine that honors the Lowcountry of the South is how The Revelry describes its menu. To that we say, Amen. We’ve been huge fans of The Revelry since its opening in 2013, and nothing seems to exemplify the spirit and flavors of its fabulous menu better than the Country Fried Quail. A playful and imaginative take on traditional chicken and waffles, this dish turns up the volume on the classic you know, with deeper, more complex flavors that remind you exactly why Southern food is its own category of dining, and what magic can happen when it is prepared with creativity and care. The gently spiced, crispy coating adds just the right crunch and texture and manages to evoke everything you love about fried chicken while avoiding the traps – this coating is light, never heavy or greasy, and complements the juicy meat beneath, never covering. The gamey flavor of the quail has a similar effect, reminding you that you’re enjoying something special without dominating the entire dish. I loved the use of the rich, almost molasses-like flavor of the black garlic in those light and fluffy waffles, again, marrying the familiar with the unique to create something special and unexpected. Chef Derrick DePorter puts the proverbial cherry on top by compressing cubes of watermelon to deepen their flavor and then drizzling the entire dish with Revelry hot sauce and honey, adding another level of playfulness and levity to some seriously good eats.
-Allison Zimmer, A-List Contributor


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