Crispy Korean Chicken Wings


Restaurant: P.F. Changs,   Eastview Mall, Victor, NY  (585) 223-2410
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Executive Chef/Culinary Partner: Carl Suero

The new Crispy Korean Chicken Wings are part of P.F. Chang’sFall Seasonal Menu.  These wings truly live up to their name.  They are incredibly crispy on the outside and oh so juicy on the inside, making them nearly irresistible; you will not want to share.  You can eat these wings with a knife and fork since they prepare them lollipop-style which gives them a sophisticated touch.The house-made sweet & spicy red chili sauce is full of exotic flavors with just the right kick. The wings are sprinkled with sesame seeds for the right balance of taste and texture.  Scallions are used for the final garnish which help as a cooling agent that goes perfectly with the sauce.

-Melissa Bailey,



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