Great Brewers Golf League Subbing Opportunities


Hello fellow golfers!


Our Monday night golf leagues have what is essentially a ghost team on both league groups which means there is an open spot for a twosome in either league each Monday.


If you are ever interested in jumping in and subbing here is how it works:


Both schedules are  posted on our league message board. Click here

The ghost team for East Brent’s league is #3.

The ghost team for East Erics group is #8.


If you would like to sub as a twosome, Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll let you know if the spot is already taken.Your scores wont count so no worries there.

Cost is $20 per person. If you’d like to reserve more than one date (the cost per round will be less). If you are interested in taking over the spot for the remainder of the season, we can pro-rate the joining fee and you can play in the year end beer tasting tournament.

The leagues are all co-ed so a twosome can be two males, two females or co-ed. Join us!


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