Mikayla Breakfast Sandwich


Restaurant: Village Bakery, 145 Culver Road Rochester, NY (585) 481-2884

Chef: Charlie Saccardi
Head Baker: Logan Barkley


Written on the beautiful walls of the Village Bakery Cafe are the words, “It’s not just what we use; it’s what we don’t use.” Like fine art, sometimes the white space is what transforms ordinary into extraordinary.


What they’re not using at Village Bakery is the artificial stuff; the nitrates and the preservatives, and well, everything that really isn’t food, and leaving only fresh ingredients, house made when possible, at a level that we at A-list call “best in quality”. If it seems difficult to understand how you can taste what they’re not using, stop by and see for yourself.


I stopped in on a beautiful sunny September Saturday to sample the Mikayla breakfast sandwich, a hearty, use-your-fork-and-knife masterpiece composed of a fresh, organic, locally farmed egg perfectly poached and topped with thick cut bacon, cheddar cheese, delicious slices of buttery avocado and fresh, house made pico de gallo, all perched atop a freshly baked, house made roll.


Every layer of this Best Dish was clearly best in quality, including Village Bakery’s approach to preparation. There is no assembly line mentality here. This sandwich was cooked to order, just for me. Individually delicious ingredients combined with purpose to create something familiar and yet special – and absolutely wonderful.


There is a wide menu of delicious and inventive breakfast sandwiches at Village Bakery, each one named after the children of the executive team. And while I can’t say whether there will be more children, I for one, am certainly rooting for more sandwiches.


-Allison Zimmer, A-List Contributor



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