Ramen Bowl


Restaurant:  ButaPub, 315 Gregory Street, Rochester, NY  (585) 563-6241

Chef: Asa Mott

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If you are familiar with celebrity chef David Chang, you are fully aware of the ramen bowl trend that has infiltrated the food culture. Chang’s Momofuku restaurants dish out some of the best ramen in country, influenced by his time spent in Japanese ramen shops. Lucky for the people of Rochester, we have an eatery in the ButaPub that can keep up with this ramen craze. Their marque ramen dish comes in a large bowl of delicious broth. Then, layered throughout are a creative assortment of miso-chile tare, light ramen noodles, pickled cucumber, poached egg and sprinkled with a furikake seasoning. The tastiest part to this dish is the two pieces of perfectly cooked pork belly that are placed on top. All of this items mix together for an unbelievable soup that is packed with Asian flavors. Another dish to get while at ButaPub are the Korean style chicken wings that laced with a ginger sauce, sesame and scallion.

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