Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

Hello north easterners! It’s cold, but beautiful in Upstate nNY. Whether you are hunkered down out of town or back to work, if you are in upstate NY, it. is. COLD!  It sounds obvious, but there are some simple things you can do to stay warm and they make a huge difference.

Here are some top toasty tips to staying warm

Wear Base Layers

Get yourself some base layers. They increase your temperature by a few degrees and will keep you warm all day long. Thin ones can be worn under your clothes without added bulk. Climate Smart and Cuddle Dud are two brands that are super cheap and do the trick.

Cuddl Dud

Climate Smart


Warm Clothes Make A Big Difference
Go to Lands End, Eddie Bauer, North Face, or Rei and get yourself some warm clothes. When you are warm, you are less miserable in this weather. We live here, so make the most of it and be smart about staying warm and happy. For some reason many on trend womens clothes are made out of tissue paper and do little to keep you warm. We live in upstate NY and for at least 3 months, pack those sheer shirts away.


With a warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves, you can actually go for a walk and embrace the cold, get exercise and notice the beauty of our world being frozen over and dusted with snow. Its amazing how much this lifts your mood and outlook. Or go to the gym. A good workout raises your body temperature and you’ll feel good (and warm) all day.  A-List has a few partner gyms offering special invitations to try them out.  Send us an email for current gym invitations. Want to take it outside and mingle with like minded adventurers?  Click here for our upcoming A-List Adventures.


Our favorite tip- plan a trip!

This time of year, traveling somewhere warm, is a sanity saver. Once your trip is planned, you’ll have something to look forward to making the cold spells seem more temporary. Take a virtual tour of The world’s 30 Best Places to Visit in 2017 -18 according to US News.

St. Lucia


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