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Rohrbach Beer Hall & Brewery ♥ 97 Railroad St, Rochester, NY 14609 (585) 546-8020
Chef: Steve Frank

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The Spring time mood shift is officially upon us! People are smiling, windows are open, and our favorite sunshine fares are popping up on menus across the city. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I close my eyes and picture my ideal sunny weather, kick back n’ relax meal, my mind instantly goes to a fresh, sizzling pizza, straight out of the oven, paired with a crisp, cold beer. I’ve had my share of wood-fired pies in the past, and my foodie travels have led me to believe that no one does it quite like Rochester’s very own Rorhbach’s Beer Hall & Brewery!


Chef Steve Frank puts the Beer Hall’s authentic, 800 degree wood-fired oven to work daily, serving up perfectly charred crusts that bed only the freshest of locally sourced ingredients, every time. With new pizza specials featured week in and week out, I was super pumped to see what Beer Hall Manager, Emily Hoyt, had in store for my visit. Light, fluffy, but packed with a punch of flavor, my Rorhbach Blueberry Ale was partnered up with a pizza that set the bar higher than high. The airy, yet stable crust was slathered with a truffle béchamel base and topped with a harmonious quilted layer of fresh mozz, wild ramps, and prosciutto. The salty tang of the meat melded nicely with the earthy, garlicky spread of sauce and blanket of melted cheese. It was a deliciously funky bite that kept me coming back for more, and more, and more.


Casual, refreshing, and always savory…the Rorhbach’s pizza and beer train is a ride you do not want to miss!


-Meredith Opitz, A-List Contributor
Instagram: @rocyourbelly



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