A New Kind of CSA. A-List Eats Offers Amazing Food From Local Farms and Chefs


New Specialty Food Market Items Coming To Pop-Up Markets Near You

We’re excited to announce something new with A-List. 

Introducing A-List Eats Market, Whole Food Kitchen and Bakery

With years immersed in Rochester and Upstate NY’s food scene and working with exceptional area chefs, A-List is introducing something new. A-List Eats is the culmination of current and future partnerships with local chefs and small-batch food processors to connect you to amazing local fare. The concept is a variation of a Rochester, NY CSA (community-supported agriculture), but the focus isn’t fruits and vegetables. We’re bringing pantry staples and specialty foods from chefs’ kitchens and local farms to your home, event, gathering or picnic spot.

A-List Eats is running as a pop-up style market with rotating menus and a convenient way to shop. Pre-orders are available online. Pick-up locations such as area breweries and events will be the focus. “We want markets to be fun activities, where picking up is part of the fun,” says concept creator Amy Riposo. “Pick-up locations will be interesting, worthwhile, and beautiful places to visit in their own right”. Those that order have the opportunity to gain convenient access to local foods they are seeing and hearing about in foodie circles, in the media and on social channels. Often there isn’t regular access to these foods without driving to the country or running around town to pick up all the food items you love. Try foods A-List recommmends and re-stock your favorites not readily available in big-box stores with the confidence that everything you order is vetted and delicious.

Whole Food Ingredients

A-List Eats bakery and chef-crafted foods will be made using whole food ingredients, with zero fillers, gums, artificial colors or ingredients health conscious eaters don’t want to be consuming. You won’t see a trans fat on our ingredient list, palm oil or canned in place of fresh when in season. Ingredients will be local when available and often organic.  

Menus and pick-up options for each pop-up market will be announced on Rochester A-List social channels and you can sign up to be alerted of new menus by email. To sign up for an alert when a new menu goes live, click here.

Farm-to-table food connoisseurs now have a bridge between what’s new and what’s great within our thriving local food scene and how to get your hands on some. A-List will feature menu items and share the story behind what makes each great so you can learn about how your food is made and where it comes from. Market menus will rotate with a focus on seasonal. Pick-up locations will rotate with the idea being fun places to pick-up your order. Pick-ups will be at local breweries, City Walk, A-List Adventures, specialty stores, other cool locations and some delivery by neighborhood.

How to place an order

A-List Eats is running as a pop-up market so ordering is not always open. See above to be notified when new menus are released along with pick-up options. Follow along on our social channels as we share the stories behind the artisan food products, chefs, bakers and food producers.

Click on the icon below to view menu and place your order.

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A-List Eats

Testimonials from our Sunbutter Bliss Balls

“We love your Sunbutter Bliss Balls from City Walk! I gave them to the grandkids and they devoured them. Good job!” – Desiree Demanicore

“They were absolutely delicious.” – Cathie Williams

“I was so happy to see the Sunbutter Bliss Balls were gluten-free and even happier when I tasted them. My family was fighting over them when I brought them home. Will order again and again.” – Laura Hackney

“The Sunbutter balls are incredible! Perfect size for dessert. They are super creamy and delicious; reminiscent of ice cream bites when eaten right from freezer!” – Julia Liotta

Sunbutter Bliss Balls available on the Valentine’s Day Market Menu in a box of 12 or individual packs of three. Made with Sunflower butter, confectioners sugar, vegan chocolate, coconut oil, pure vanilla, and Himalayan sea salt. Vegan and gluten-free.