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Fall in Love With RELAX The Spa

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The hydrafacial combines microdermabrasion with water and infuses your skin with ingredients that help re-build collegen and elastin.  Sound like a dream come true?

Microdermabrasion exfoliates skin, removing the outer layer and revealing healthier skin. The hydrafacial uses water to exfoliate while also infusing ingredients deep into the skin.  This process gets youth inducing ingredients such as antioxidents, peptides, and hyaluronic acid into the deepest layers of the skin, not just on the surface.  None of this hurt or even felt uncomfortable. In fact it felt good.


Laser light therapy.

Red UV light is also used which my esthetician Scherra informed me stimulates the production of collegen and elastin, and reduces redness from irritation. The Red light is the deepest penetrating light on the UV spectrum so it gets to all layers of the skin, even the muscle below.  Sounds amazing, right?!  This didn’t hurt either. You actually don’t feel anything, but you can see out of the corners of your protected eyes, red light coming from the fancy equipment they use.


I highly recommend Scherra. She answered all of my questions and her massage was HEAVENLY.  The Pure hydrafacial comes with an amazing massage of the shoulders, neck and décolleté.


Do I look peaceful or what?



To be thorough in my research, I wanted to try one of the facial add-ons.  I chose the CTGT Add-On. It infused human derived growth factors into my skin to trigger cell rejuvenation.


All of the science behind this facial sounds like everything your skin might want or need to erase fine lines and look younger.  The verdict- My skin looked like it was plumped from within, and had a healthy glow. I give the hydra facial two enthusiastic thumbs up! It’s the best facial I’ve ever had.

My post facial glow (inside and out)!



ps. It’s only right that we extend an exclusive discount to try this amazing service for yourself.  Save 20$ this month with code A-List.  You are going to love the way your skin looks and feels.  You’re welcome.


RELAX The Spa Rochester is located across from Eastview Mall behind the Northface Store.

Let me tell you, this is no ordinary spa!  In case you missed it in the intro., A-List Editors will be sampling services and sharing their favorite seaweed, wine and honey experiences, and quiet room secrets about the youth-inducing beauty treatments at RELAX The Spa.  Each month, we’ll share an inside look at a new service you’ll get to sample with a special discount offered all month.


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