The Nutty Banana at Hart’s Local Grocers

Top Smoothies to Try in Rochester.  
Rochester A-List is recommending top ways and places to keep your spirit alive, de-stress, get fit, be a more beautiful YOU, and live healthier in 2015.  The smoothies we chose to feature are delicious and full of healthy ingredients to fuel your body inside and out.  

Restaurant: Hart’s Local Grocers,  10 Winthrop Street, Rochester NY  (585) 521-4278

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I’ve always loved smoothies.  All of my favorite ingredients whipped together in a blender in a convenient to go style, and full of ingredients with health benefits in every sip.  It’s the perfect snack or meal replacement when I’m on the go.  But not all smoothies are created equal.  Some are full of powdery substances and not real whole ingredients, “flavorings”, sugar, and empty calories. There’s the rush from the sugar or caffeine initially, but then there is the crash that inevitably follows.  Hart’s Nutty Banana smoothie is full of health benefits from real ingredients and your body feels great after you drink it.  This smoothie is a delicious blend of banana, peanut butter, almond milk and chocolate whey  powder. It’s full of protein (21 grams per serving) and it’s their best seller for a reason. Its delicious!  Next time you are nearby grab one to go, or while you shop.  At just $4.95 each, this smoothie is also one of the best deals in town.  Your body will thank you for putting such goodness inside so it can do its job of keeping you moving.


-Amy Riposo, A-List Editor



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