New Yorkers find new form of outdoor entertainment amid pandemic



The spring and summer of 2020 was very different – no concerts, festivals, movies, or most of the normal things we are used to.  Everywhere we went we had to check to see if stores, restaurants, and attractions were open. We kept to our small bubbles of family and friends.  We’ve all probably binged more TV during this time than the last few years combined.  And yet, we still crave some sense of normality.


A Rochester local has created Bad Pirate and they have arrived just in time to help beat the social distancing blues. Tre.venture Treasure Hunts are part scavenger hunt, part treasure hunt. Each Tre.venture has $5K in prizes up for grabs, and provides a 1-2 week activity to get you back out into the world, and a temporary reprieve from all that is going on in it.  You can win $5,000 in prizes by participating with a team of up to 5 people. UPDATE: These are now free with $750 in prizes. across upstate NY counties 



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