5 Benefits To Spa Treatment


Most people who have ever been to a real spa understand that it can be a very relaxing and refreshing experience. That’s pretty much the point, after all, and most professional spas do a fairly good job of meeting expectations. But beyond general relaxation, what are some of the benefits to spa treatments? Whether you undergo a treatment at the closest spa to your home or seek out a full vacation at a legendary venue, there are a lot of specific things you can get out of the experience.


Five Notable Benefits To Spa

1. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Any time you have a chance to keep your heart healthy and maintain lower blood pressure while feeling amazing, you probably ought to take it! After all, most methods of maintaining heart health involve diet and exercise, which aren’t always appealing. Various aspects of spa treatments can help in this regard, though one article points out that spa baths alone can have irresistible health benefits. Relaxing submerged is believed to be good for heart health; spa baths are proven to lower blood pressure; you may even experience some minor weight loss. This is all specific to baths, which may or may not be part of a given spa treatment, but it’s still interesting to know.


2. Full-Body Detox

A lot of treatments – such as seaweed wraps, facials, deep exfoliating procedures, etc. – are designed for the purpose of helping people to detox. It’s important to keep in mind what that word really means. Some people dismiss the idea of detox as a vague or even constructed term, and in some cases it’s used inappropriately. For instance, you can’t “detox” from a sickness by “sweating it out.” But detox in a spa setting is a very real thing that involves the release of surface-level grime (or “toxins”) from the skin in a way that leads to a healthier glow and smoother skin.


3. Boosted Immunity

One of the best parts of any comprehensive spa treatment, at least in the moment, is massage. There just aren’t many things more soothing than lying in a relaxing room and having your muscles worked on in a professionally organized massage. But in addition to feeling great and solving a lot of muscle and joint pain, massage carries additional health benefits. According to one write-up in an online health magazine, it even boost immunity, upping your white blood cell count (with these cells playing a big role in combatting disease).


4. A Chance To Travel

Health benefits aside, spa treatments can also give you an excuse to travel to some of the most beautiful and relaxing places on Earth. Particularly in Europe, there are a lot of places that are known as “spa towns,” usually for a combination of natural hot springs and modern spa venues. Baden-Baden is a beautiful spa town in Germany’s Black Forest Region that’s become a known tourist destination due to its resorts (not to mention a renowned casino); the town of Bath in England is known for putting modern twists on its historic Roman bathhouses. And those are only two of many interesting destination examples.

The Caracalla Therme Spa in the heart of Baden Baden offers wellness in paradise.


5. A Chance To Experience Incredible Resorts

We just covered the idea of destinations known for spa activity. But both at these destinations and in more modest places, there are plenty of absolutely incredible spa venues and resorts that are fun to experience when you’re looking for treatments. Consider Las Vegas, for example. Whether or not you have interest in the bright lights, casinos, nightlife, etc., a visit to Vegas gives you the chance to lounge in some of the most amazingly relaxing spa facilities on the planet.

Encore Vegas Spa

Local Spas

We have some incredible resorts right here in Rochester, NY and nearby within a days drive for some incredible R & R. Peruse our local list and feel the stress melt away as you dream of your favorite ways and places to relax.

Best Local Spas

Mirbeau Inn and Spa in Skaneateles, NY


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