5 Style Tips To Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring


It’s cold, it’s warm—the weather flip flops so much this time of year that it makes it tough to know if you need a winter coat or sandals to step outside. And now we are finally on the cusp of spring weather, so let’s go through that winter closet and pull out the florals, brights, and favorite dresses! Here are five tips to help you effortlessly transition from winter to spring and mix in some of the stylist picks of 2019 spring trends. 


Light layering

When it comes to transition dressing, light layering is the key. It’s the answer to unreliable weather, ensuring you’re ready in the event of a sudden temperature drop. Your usual lightweight items like t-shirts and tops already make for a great base. From there, you can pair them with thicker pieces like sweaters or a jacket in a style that you like. This cashmere v-neck pullover from Garnet Hill is soft to the touch, but its relaxed fit still looks a notch more luxurious than your typical loungewear.

Credit: Garnet Hill

Add color

Let some sunshine in your closet by adding color into your outfits. This season is seeing less of the pastel trends of the past few months and veering more towards vibrant citrus shades, like lime and yellow. Start by swapping your usual staples for brighter versions, like the range of mustard pieces featured on Glamour.

Credit: Glamour

Bring out the dresses

We’re not quite in the mini skirt season of summer yet, but it doesn’t mean you can’t slowly reintroduce your dresses to your spring outfits. After all, nothing says spring more than a floral print dress. The variety of colorful dresses featured on Woman Within are versatile enough to be dressed up or down. Wear one on its own, or pair with a jacket or sweater for those in between temperatures. And because dresses require little styling, you’ll still look perfectly put together with minimum effort.

Credit: Woman Within

I love the trend of pairing a dress with sneakers. With celebs rocking this look, I’m sure we’ll see this everywhere this spring and summer. A perfect outfit to wear to City Walk.

Credit: Glamour

Show some leg

If you aren’t ready to bust out the dresses just yet, you can try pairing your sweaters with a skirt. It’s a combination that is equally feminine and stylish. This printed skirt from Anthropologie has enough color to liven up any outfit, but can still be balanced out with simpler, more neutral tops. You can even complete the look with boots to add a touch of coziness and warmth.

Credit: Anthropologie


Spring’s hottest jewelry trends are all about being extra. If there’s one key takeaway from the Spring Fashion Week runways, it’s to leave no room for subtlety. That’s because statement accessories are taking over the season’s trends. Charms, initials and color are all this season’s trends, and wearing them all together is the rage. Anna Sui’s assortment of bold necklaces can elevate the dullest of outfits — the best response to the winter blues.

Credit: Gem Obsessed

A Rochester, NY local fave, Jewelry by Artwark has an etsy store and you may see her at pop up events around town. What I like best about her line is you can design your own necklace(s) and combine initials, gems, charms and sayings. Plus designing your own necklace is always fun.

Jewelry by Artwark pieces. Design your own.

-Amy Riposo, A-List Editor

Top Photo Credit Elite Daily


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