Spa Insider: Farm to Face (and Body)



Why Beauty Insiders are joining the farm to table movement

Farm to Table has gained popularity (halleluja) becase we know, we are what we eat. Putting chemicals and fillers into our food is not ideal and more and more people are voting with their forks for real food to be served in restaurants and ingredients found in nature used in the foods on grocery store shelves.


The same concept is evolving and gaining popularity with the products we put on our face, body and hair. Did you know, nearly 20% of personal-care products contain at least one chemical linked to cancer, and yet the FDA has not regulated beauty ingredients since 1938?!  It’s sad and infuriating the FDA allows harmful ingredients in our foods or the products we put on our skin.  Most commercial cosmetics contain very little in the way of nutritional ingredients that truly benefit your beauty. These chemicals may temporarily mask issues you may have instead of helping boost the nutrition of your skin.


Organic products, on the other hand, are often rich in ingredients that nourish your skin, not harm it or your health.  Click here to read more on the topic, and 5 good reasons to use organic skincare and make up.


Local Organic Spa Services

We couldn’t be more excited that this month, Relax the Spa introduced new spa services using Eminence Organics Skincare line-  7 new facials, 2 body treatments, 2 pedicures and an anti-aging manicure. And they are extending an exclusive discount to A-Listers.


Preview the new services and get your exclusive discount. Go ahead, it’s ok to smile ear to ear at your desk right now.


Ps. Our A-List Beauty Editors are sampling spa services and sharing the experience (one each month) so we can walk you through what to expect, and recommend services to keep on your radar. Don’t hate us; we do it for YOU! ?





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